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Graphic design
Zero fucked up deadlines. Since 2006.
I create emotional and colourful logotypes and websites for more than 12 years for small startups and big brands.
I do care about every project. What matters most is the process and the interaction. I make friends with many clients. And this, perhaps, is the main characteristic. The reviews are here.


My work has long gone beyond graphics—I create multidimensional brands by combining visual and sound methods—dynamic identities are complemented by audio branding, functional background music and interface sounds.

The Sound

In partnership with Anton Guskov, we create deep ambient and amazing sounddesign—for example, 9 Hours of Meditations for the WTWLI app.


Petr Frolov's Book

Bright and dynamic website of an unique book.



A light and airy website about modern yoga.



A big story about how we created a bright brand, built a website, filmed an ad and even composed music for it!


Lorus SCM

Corporate website for logystics company with creative navigation


Elena Vershinina Website

The longes one-pager in my career!


Сreating a new name and a logo for an already existing brand is both interesting and incredibly challenging.

Activated nuts

Package designg and illustrations for activated nuts by Greenmania

Client reviews

«What does a client want a designer to do? Ask as few questions as possible, understand the slightest hint, surprise and overdeliver. We are all grown-up people and we understand that this is close to impossible. However, life makes space for miracles and wonderful people. Sasha definitely knows how to work miracles. To sum up, I’m happy with our creative collaboration and mutual understanding. With all my heart I wish that every customer meets their Pygmalion one day!»

— Ekaterina Inozemtseva,
OJ Authors School, TEDx speaker, author of the book "Startup Uncut", Forbes and Psychologies editor-at-large

«Although we did not work together very long, working with you is easy, pleasant and comfortable. I like how quickly you understand the task, which is rare today. The speed and the quality of your performance brought a million rays of happiness. Something like this. One of the few who deserves to hear me say «It’s a pity that he left ...»

— Anna Mazaykina,
Art. Lebedev Studio

«In addition to the perfectly and professionally performed work, I got a live example showing how a real designer differs from an illustrator, and harmony differs from beauty. Now I know that the impossible is possible — feelings, emotions and sensations can be visualized. Our cooperation has grown into a friendship, which I am incredibly happy about. As well as the fact that I no longer need to choose a designer for my ideas. My choice is obvious and unopposed».

— Pavel Petrov
IdeMind, ZeroState

«Working with Sasha is interesting and pleasant. It is interesting, because Sasha performs creatively, and at the same time he sticks to the ‘tone’, which was agreed upon initially. And it's pleasant, because Sasha sets actual deadlines for the job — and meets them. That’s a rare case in the industry».

— Max Kolpakov

«During our cooperation while working on video and design layouts Alexander established himself as a very responsible and efficient partner, which is especially important in solving urgent work tasks».

— Ksenia Chabanenko
«A-Tak» Communication Agency